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Convoque Call Center Solution or Convoque Call Center Software can be reffered as Convoque Call Center suite that provides world class features to its customer, few of them are given below

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Predictive Dialer

Convoque predictive dialers refers to an outbound calling software system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. convoque utilize call metrics to predict the moment when a human agent will be free to take the next call and ensure a maximum agent utilization.

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Auto Dialer

Convoque's one of the rich feature is auto dialer as it dials all the number one by one in a progressive manner to agent and agent can tag exact dispositon on a crm associated with it as per telco does not allow any agent to sit idle as calls are given to agent back to back hence performance is improved

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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR call center solution allow user to interact with pre recorded voice message system via key input to access information without interacting to human. IVRS can be used for both inbound where caller calls themselves to access information and outbound for surveys, debt collection agencies etc

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ACD Image

ACD Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution allows companies to divert calls to a particular group of agents as per their skill set, customer preference selection, time based rounting. ACD manages large call volumn and keep customer intertaining by announcing to their queue index and average call waiting time

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Click 2 Call

Convoque click to call or click to dial feature provides a company or an organization to intract with a customer in just one click on the number showing to their website or any third party CRM. No matter what technology they use for thier module. user do not have to come via IVRS and acd queues.

Conference Image

Multi Party Conference Solution

Convoque Call Center Solution allow users to have multi party conference via both inbound and outbound, thus users dial or receive call from only one number and can have conference by entering pin number from their phone device, all the coversation are recorded and manage by admin

Complaint Image

Complaint Management System

Convoque's complaint management system is useful when it comes for a post sales service as it allows both organization and customer to register and track their complaint, queries, escalation, resolution and feedback and thus help companies to improve their quality of product and services.

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SMS / Email / WhatsApp

Convoque Call Center Solution also enables users to integrated their service with SMS (API/GSM), Email or whats app messages for their clients to update about transaction, interaction or other values added service so that they stay updated for the services they rendered

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Convoque Call Center Solution is designed in the state of art technology as front end in java back end in mysql and is 100 % customizable as per clients requirement.


Convoque Call Center Solution is serving the industry for more than nine years and have ample experience of almost everything in it that make its quality at its best in the class


Convoque Call Center Solution provides its post sales service with just one phone call and have the quickest response time to attend the call i.e. just half an hour

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Clients across country

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