Auto Dialer

An auto dialer connects the call to the live agent only when someone picks up and answers the call at the other end. Auto
dialer can detect an answering machine or voice message and accordingly filter out the calls. Agents save precious time with automated dialer software, which increases their productivity.
When an autodialer connects an answered call to a live agent,
it is often called a predictive dialer or power dialer. A predictive dialer uses real-time analysis to determine the optimal time to
dial more numbers, whereas a power dialer simply dials a pre-
set number of lines when an agent finishes the previous call.



Key Benifits

Decreased Idle Time

Decreased Idle

Manual dialing is a daunting task, and it requires
agents’ idle time as agents must wait until a call is connected. If an outbound call center has a manual dialing process, an agent relatively wastes time
listening to busy tones, answering machines, and meeting disconnected calls.

real time monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Auto dialer software contributes acumens into call center operations and agent activities by customizable reports and dashboards. Real-time dashboards help to improve a call center manager’s decision-making. It aids agents to take prompt actions by distinguishing real-time problems

extended talktime

Extended Talktime

One of the essential benefits of the auto dialer
software is considerable improvement in agent talk
time when compared to a manual dialing. With low
idle time and better call connect ratio, agents spend more time communicating to the prospects and customers.

boost operational efficiencies

Boost Operational efficiencies

Auto dialing system execution leads to no more
manual dialing. Automated dialer software system reduces the various call restraints such as excessive
wait time, misdialing, and call drops, transforming
the operational efficiency.

improved lead conversion

Improved Lead Conversion

When an auto dialer solution is implemented for complex inside sales processes for high-value leads,
it brings agility to the outbound calling process. Auto dialers, like predictive dialers, provide a quick
overview of customer’s contact details before dialing.
The service agents can prepare for the call before
a call is connected.

run multiple compaigns

Run Multiple Compaigns

The latest auto dialer software system design
multi-purposed outbound tool. They offer various features that facilitate businesses to run and
control multiple campaigns concurrently and
efficiently. Managers can produce numerous
reports based on real-time data. They can also
monitor the performance of individual marketing campaigns